About The Tides of Time

Welcome to the online home of The Tides of Time, a Doctor Who fanzine published by the Oxford (University) Doctor Who Society. We publish online and in print. The current editor is James Ashworth. The Oxford Doctor Who Society emblem is by Francis Stojsavljevic.

The Tides of Time – sometimes known without its definite article – has been published by the society since January 1990. In July 2010, while working on another project, sometime editor Matthew Kilburn started to use it as an unofficial catalogue for the fanzine, for his own entertainment and the curiosity of others. He then started to mount PDFs of some editions of the magazine on the site, as well as some earlier articles. Since 2016, it has grown to become the main point of distribution for current issues and an archive of every issue in PDF from the beginning of the run to the present. Every issue is now available online.

There’s an entry for every issue of The Tides of Time published since 1990. Following the zine through the years reveals changing tastes, developing writing styles, the broadening of scope beyond Doctor Who and back again, and of course through the cover reproductions the advance of easily available desktop publishing and copying technology.

A fair amount of the material has always been inward-looking; it’s a magazine which was born in the pre-internet age, and for most of its history circulated exclusively among people who knew each other. Nevertheless there have been a number of articles over the years which said new things about Doctor Who or which were very representative of where wider Doctor Who fandom stood on matters connected with the programme at the time. One was published in the third volume of the Time Unincorporated series published by Mad Norwegian Press.

Additionally, these were fanzines definitely created for relaxation in between writing essays, attending lectures, long hours spent in labs or libraries, rather than always seeking to break new ground – though some did so and still do.

Please note that unless otherwise stated each issue should be considered out of print.