The Tides of Time issue 26

Tides of Time, issue 26, was published in June 2000. Its cover date was Trinity Term 2000. It was edited by Matthew Peacock. Its cover price was £2.

Download the issue as a PDF (large – 25Mb approx.)


  • Editorial by Matthew Peacock
  • DocSoc – The Interview Guide. How to use your fanhood at interview, or not, by David Bickley
  • This Blessed Plot. Alien invasions of England in the UNIT era, by Matthew Peacock
  • The Siege of Wallingford. Eighth Doctor fiction by Alan Whitten
  • Doctor Davros. Nuclear war and Genesis of the Daleks by Fiona Moore
  • Grief Encounters: A Bit of Poignancy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer fiction by John Wilson
  • The Man in the White Suit. Two versions of Randall and Hopkirk: Deceased compared by Sian Davies
  • A Tale of Monsters. Sixth Doctor fiction by David Bickley
  • The Spectre of Galaxy Four. BBC Radio Collection and Big Finish releases reviewed by Alastair Harrison
  • Here Comes the Future. The third Doctor encounters the bureaucracy of regeneration, by Emma Keevil
  • Continuity: A Modest Proposal. Self-referentiality in Doctor Who novels, by Fiona Moore
  • The Legend of the Doctor. Celebrating the seventh Doctor, by Darren King
  • Dwellers All in Time and Space. Christianity and Doctor Who, by Simon Danes
  • Apocalypse Soon. Joseph Conrad and J.G. Ballard, by Alastair Harrison
  • Model Citizen. Sixth Doctor and Peri fiction, by W.J. Ramsden
  • Barry. Comparisons between steam engines and Doctor Who, by Matthew Peacock

Format: A3 folded to A4, outer covers on white card, photocopied, 28pp