The Tides of Time issue 17

Tides of Time, issue 17, was published in April 1995. It was cover dated Trinity Term 1995. It was edited by Corinne Berg. The cover price was £1.25.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.


  • Editorial (a temporal causality paradox) by Corinne Berg
  • The Man that Time Forgot part three. The later Tom Baker and Peter Davison eras, by James Brough and Anthony Wilson
  • Vanishing Point. Seventh Doctor fiction by John W.G. Wilson
  • Faux Pas. Androzani fiction by Ryan Hemage
  • The Real Shocking Truth. The New and Missing Adventures explained in a paragraph.
  • Crossword by Gary Meehan
  • Sapphire and Steel: An Overview by John W.G. Wilson
  • Baggs of Fun. BBV plans, by Gavin Llewellyn
  • Could It All Be True by Paul Groves (Tides issue 13) – a Response by Pierre Lefevre
  • Denial of a Crime Fraud – or – Killing Me Softly with a Word Processor. Second Doctor and Jamie metafiction by Anthony Wilson
  • Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On. Ace fiction by Mary Brady
  • Coach Party, part two. Satire by Gary Meehan
  • Touched by the Hand of God. Scaroth fiction by John W.G. Wilson
  • A Theory of Time and Paradox in Doctor Who. A response to the above by Corinne R. Berg
  • Half a Pint of Whipped Cream. Thoughts on the fan consensus by Anthony Wilson
  • Five Years of Tides of Time: A Statistical Analysis and Poll by Paul Groves
  • Costumes III: Pathways. Regeneration fiction by Anthony Wilson
  • A Sontaran in a Barber’s Shop – the Revenge. Quiz answers by Leo V. Gaspur and Tim Rickman
  • Doctor Who and the Problem of Evil. Morality in the series, by Mary Brady and James Brough
  • Military Intelligence. Dalek short fiction by Leo V. Gaspur
  • The Presidential Address: Special Effects by John Wilson
  • Envoi by Corinne Berg

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 40pp