The Tides of Time issue 10

Tides of Time, issue 10, was cover dated Hilary Term 1993. It was edited by Julian Mander. Its cover price was 75p.

This issue is available for download as a PDF.


  • Editorial by Julian Mander
  • State of Death. Fiction by Paul Groves
  • Talons of Weng-Chiang. Review by Stephen Drape
  • Era Review. The Davison Years by Mark Hanlon
  • Aunty Ainley. Agony column
  • Dear Aunty Ainley… Cartoon by Jeremy Dennis
  • The Deserted Village. Review of The Android Invasion by Matthew Kilburn
  • State of Decay? Critique of the Society by Paul Dumont, with responses from Anthony Wilson and Julian Mander
  • Complex Corridors of Power. Review of The Horns of Nimon by Terry Cesa
  • Transit. Review of the New Adventure by Flash Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
  • Quiz 3 by Steve Drape
  • For Sale. Advertisement feature – the editor’s Target book collection and other Doctor Who memorabilia.

Format: A3 folded to A4 with one single A4 sheet, 22pp