The Tides of Time issue 2

The Tides of Time, issue 2, was published in April 1990. It was cover dated Trinity Term 1990. It was edited by Louise Dennis. Its cover price was 40p.

The issue is available for download as a PDF (approx 5Mb).


  • Editorial by Louise Dennis
  • The Davison Years. Cricket scoreboard by Mark Dunn
  • “Chap with wings, five rounds rapid.” The Brigadier celebrated, by Simon Clifford with Roger Shaw, illustrated by Louise Dennis
  • Reviews: Horror of Fang Rock, Resurrection of the Daleks, The Claws of Axos, The Edge of Destruction, The Sontaran Experiment, Castrovalva, The War Machines and The Horns of Nimon by Paul Dumont
  • The Official Doc Soc Guide to the Lesser Known Doctor Who Monsters. Meet the Garlics, the Tarbi, the Weti and others, by Mark Dunn
  • The Matrix Quiz by Paul Groves
  • Symbiotic Atrophy, or Whither DWAS? by Matthew Kilburn
  • The King, part two. Seventh Doctor and Ace fiction by Louise Dennis
  • The Neutron. Cartoon by Louise Dennis
  • Questionnaire Results by Adam Stephens
  • Advertisement for Whoniverse 1990 convention

Cover illustration: photomontage by Paul Groves

Format: A4 folded to A5, cover pages on yellow paper, photocopied, 20pp