The Tides of Time issue 38

Tides38coverIssue 38 of The Tides of Time was published in June 2016, and was edited by Daniel Alford. The cover shows an imagined visit by the twelfth Doctor to Magdalen College, Oxford.

This thirty-two-page issue was first published here as a PDF, though a print run was subsequently prepared.

Contents this issue:

  • Editorial. Daniel Alford looks back over the past two and a half years, and forward to the future
  • Marco Polo – Fifty Years On. Episode 1 – Dramatis Personae. Katrin Thier looks back at this Hartnell serial
  • The Arcs in Space. John Salway reviews the story arcs of the Russell T Davies era
  • Cryptic Crossword. A fiendish quiz by Alex Middleton
  • Academic ‘Doctor Who Studies’ and 101 Things You Can Do With An Undergraduate Degree. Andrew O’Day looks at how Doctor Who has interacted with academia
  • The Empty Children and the Doctor’s War. Why the Universe Didn’t End when the Doctor Danced. Matthew Kilburn looks at the Ninth Doctor’s visit to Britain in the Second World War.