The Tides of Time issue 41

Tides41-coverdraft5Number 41 of The Tides of Time was published by The Oxford Doctor Who Society in June 2018. It’s printed in colour throughout its 80 pages and is edited by James Ashworth and society historian Matthew Kilburn.

While there are no print copies left, the PDF of the entire issue is now freely available here

Features include:

Farewells to the Twelfth Doctor

  • ‘Once Upon a Time, The End’: The Twelfth Doctor and the Duties of Narrative. William Shaw examines Peter Capaldi’s Doctor’s control of his own story
  • The Doctor Falls No More! Ian Bayley on how Paul Cornell’s novelization of Twice Upon a Time comments upon Steven Moffat’s depiction of the Twelfth Doctor’s end


  • Haiku for Smile by William Shaw
  • The Space Museum by William Shaw
  • Paradise Lost by John Milton as discovered by Ryan Bradley
  • Terror of the Zygons by William Shaw

Bedford CharityCon 4 reports

  • The Bedford Boys Ian Bayley and Adam Kendrick meet Colin Baker
  • ‘I am the very model of a model-making pioneer!’ Ian Bayley discovers the small world of Mike Tucker
  • The Bedford Tales. Adam Kendrick reports from the Battlefield and Weeping Angel/K9 panels


  • The Mysterious Case of Gabriel Chase. Andrew O’Day explores the allegory of Control in Ghost Light
  • ‘Nobody here but us chickens.’ Bethan Hughes finds there’s more than nostalgia and motherhood in The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances
  • Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor and the World is a Wonderful Place. Georgia Harper on the emerging era of the Thirteenth Doctor
  • Xenobiology Special Edition: The Science of Whittaker. James Ashworth on gender change in fungi and fish and what this might mean for the Time Lords
  • Running Towards the Future. John Wilson looks at the revival of the Target novelizations by BBC Books
  • Looming Large. Stephen Bell and Rogan Clark debate the idea that Time Lords are woven on Looms introduced in the Virgin New Adventures novels
  • Big Who Listen: The Sirens of Time. In association with the Big Who Listen blog, John Salway, Rogan Clark, James Ashworth, Ian Bayley, Michael Goldsmith, Jonathan P. Martindale, Adam Kendrick and Philip Holdridge discuss the first Big Finish Doctor Who release


  • A Stone’s Throw, Part Three by John Salway, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan, and a bescarfed fellow and his dog.


  • Mad Dons and TARDISfolk. James Ashworth’s Who on Earth series continues with the Doctor’s visits to Oxford
  • Varsity Quiz 2018. Questions, answers and results from the 2018 Oxford-Cambridge Doctor Who Varsity Quiz written by James Ashworth and Matthew Kemp