The Tides of Time issue 33

The Tides of Time, issue 33, was published in January 2010. Its cover date was Hilary Term 2010. It was edited by Adam Povey.

This issue is available for download as a PDF.


  • The Passage of Time. Editorial by Adam Povey
  • The Prophet. A tribute to Barry Letts by Matthew Kilburn
  • Five Things Wrong with David Tennant’s Doctor by Thomas Keyton
  • Time and Relationships Diverting in Space. The tropes of Steven Moffat, by Adam Povey
  • The Mighty 200. Views on the DWM series survey, by Jonathan Nash
  • “We Must Act Fast!” A review of Warriors of the Deep by Matthew Kilburn
  • A Collage by Adam Povey
  • A Terabyte in a Teacup. Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack fiction by Alex M. Cameron

Format: A4 folded to A5, photocopied, 28pp