The Tides of Time issue 35

Draft cover for Tides of Time 35, to be published in 2011

The Tides of Time issue 35 was published in September 2011. It was cover dated Summer 2011. It was edited by Adam Povey.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.


  • The Silent Pulpit. Editorial by Adam Povey
  • Silence in the Library. Adam Kendrick reviews Shadows of the Vashta Nerada and Evacuation Earth.
  • “You can believe this subject is a part of the Doctor Who universe. But we don’t.”
    Sara James explores the possibility that Journey’s End gave fandom a way to canonise the Peter Cushing films.
  • Season Seventeen – Douglas Adams and Doctor Who’s Lost Renaissance of 1979. The tale of Douglas Adams’ s tenure as script editor by Matthew Kilburn.
  • Season Five – A Survival Guide. Jonathan Nash bullet points how to survive the first year of Moffat’s tenure.
  • Moffat’s Revolution. Thoughts on the impact of the current Chief Whovian from Sara James.
  • The Gallifrey Rag. Lyrics by Thomas Keyton.
  • Burnt Orange. The good in Gridlock as seen by Matthew Kilburn.
  • Experiences: The Cardiff Exhibit and the Doctor Who Experience. Adam Povey recalls the Society trip to Cardiff and the new Doctor Who Experience.

Front cover design by Matthew Kilburn, with apologies to Smash Hits, c.1988

Format: A4 folded to A5, lasercopied, 40pp