The Tides of Time issue 36

Tides36coverCThe Tides of Time, number 36,  can be downloaded as a PDF. It is cover dated Summer Vacation 2012, and was edited by Adam Povey, assisted by John Salway.

Within this issue:

  • Aptly Named. Editorial musings on the regeneration of the student body by Adam Povey.
  • The Cybermen of The Tenth Planet. A defence of the Mondasian Cybermen by Jonathan P. Martindale.
  • The Gunpowder Plot. Adam Kendrick reviews the final Doctor Who Adventure Game for PC.
  • Digging around The Stones of Blood. Katrin Thier considers some of the inspirations and themes of the 1978 Doctor Who story, partly recorded at the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire.
  • How I Met My Mother. Sara James reviews her first convention experiences and meets Sophie Aldred.
  • Crossword by Thomas Keyton
  • The Adventures of Jessica Chrome. Matthew Kilburn delves into Russell T Davies’s career in Oxford student media.
  • Morality and Integrity: The Philosophy of the Last of the Time Lords. Jonathan P. Martindale examines the Doctor’s philosophical outlook.
  • Bargains of Necessity: From the Cutting Room Floor. Some ideas on Doctor Who‘s treatment of historical settings, omitted from his essay in the book Time And Relative Dissertations In Space, by Matthew Kilburn.

The cover montage is by Matthew Kilburn.

This is a 40 page A5 issue, laserprinted.