The Tides of Time issue 11

Tides of Time, issue 11, was cover dated Trinity Term 1993. It was edited by Julian Mander. The cover price was 75p.

This issue is available for download as a PDF.


  • Editorial by Julian Mander
  • Era Review: The T. Baker Years by Mark Hanlon
  • Making your own Doctor Who serial by Gary Meehan
  • Oh no! Not Another Bloody Review! by Paul Groves
  • Doctoral Thesis. Fiction by Matthew Kilburn
  • Pantomime Towers. Review of Paradise Towers by Ian Fellows
  • Quiz by Steve Drape
  • Parody of the Daleks. Satire by Paul Groves
  • Membership statistics compiled by Matthew Dovey

This was the last of four issues to use Julian Mander’s standardized photomontage as the cover illustration.

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 16pp