The Tides of Time issue 13

The Tides of Time, issue 13, was cover dated Hilary Term 1994. It was edited by Gary Meehan and David Steele. Its cover price was £1.

Download a PDF of this issue here.


  • Editorial by Gary Meehan and David Steele
  • Doctor Who – A New Approach. Satire – or cultural studies essay? by D. J. Steele
  • Costumes I: Tying up the loose ends. Fifth Doctor fiction by Anthony Wilson
  • Sentence of Death, part two. Missing episodes article by Paul Lee
  • The Axeman Cometh, part two. Satire by Ryan Hemage
  • The Dimension Riders. Oxford-set New Adventure reviewed by Matthew Kilburn
  • Quiz #6. Anagrams by Paul Dumont with James Brough
  • The Planet of Death, part one. Satire by Gary Meehan
  • Could It All Be True? Science, Doctor Who and UFOlogy by Paul Groves
  • Grief Encounters: The Perfect Kiss. Tegan fiction by John Wilson
  • Death & Goodbye. Sonic screwdriver fiction by Ian Fellows
  • Sex! Drugs! Violence! Magic Mushrooms! The Shocking Truth! The New Adventures Revealed! by Anthony Wilson
  • Quotes from Michaelmas Term 1993
  • Are YOU a Doctor Who Fan? Questionnaire by Paul Groves

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 28pp (two blank pages)