The Tides of Time issue 49

The Tides of Time issue 49, Trinity 2023, was published by The Oxford Doctor Who Society in May 2023. It was edited by James Ashworth.

The issue consists of 84 A5 colour pages. 

Print copies will be available to order soon!

Articles include:

The Power of the Doctor:

  • Prepping a Power trip – Ian Bayley summarises WhoSoc’s predictions for the Centenary Special
  • The balance of Power – John Salway reviews the Thirteenth Doctor’s swansong
  • Power to the people – Olviya Silvary reveals what WhoSoc thought of The Power of the Doctor

The Chibnall Era:

  • Goodbye, Mr Chibs – Adam Kendrick’s retrospective on Chris Chibnall’s era of Doctor Who
  • The Wright Stuff – Matthew Kilburn draws parallels between Season One and Series Eleven


  • Fourteen’s minutes of fame – Georgia Harper shares her thoughts on the Doctor’s future
  • Putting on Sunday best? – James Ashworth reports back on the society’s first impressions of new companion Ruby Sunday
  • Ship shape and Bristol fashion – James Ashworth shares some photos from his trip to Doctor Who filming in Bristol

Cookery Corner:

  • The Ruby Sundae – John Salway’s sweet creation in honour of the newest companion
  • Five courses rapid – James Ashworth tries out The Brigadier’s Banquet from the original Doctor Who Cookbook

Time Lord Victorious:

Social calendar

  • The experience reborn – Alice Hardaker reviews Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder
  • The 2022 Varsity Quiz – The annual battle of wits between Oxford and Cambridge’s WhoSocs is back!
  • Up the hill to Bedfordshire – Adam Kendrick reflects on Bedford Who Charity Con 7
  • The real world shaper – Ian Bayley on Roger Murray-Leach’s career, as related at Bedford
  • Dr. Who’s daughter – Adam Kendrick hears from Jennie Linden at Bedford Who Charity Con 8

Big Finish

  • Tall tales and cool cats – James Ashworth reviews Tales from New Earth
  • The royal treatment  – James Ashworth takes a look at the Peladon boxset
  • Roz-tinted glasses – James Ashworth listens to The New Adventures: Volume One
  • Comeback or Comedown? – John’s Salway’s take on the Sarah Jane Smith audios


  • Snow long, and thanks for all the Yeti – Evan Jones’s view of the most recent animated reconstruction
  • The Survivors: The garden and the factory – Matthew Kilburn speculates about an alternative genesis of the Daleks


  • Haikus for: The Silurians and Underworld by William Shaw