The Tides of Time issue 44

The Tides of Time issue 44, Christmas 2019, was published by The Oxford Doctor Who Society on 5 December 2019. It was edited by James Ashworth and Matthew Kilburn.

The issue consists of 80 A5 colour pages.

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Features include:



  • Doing It for the Kids – William Shaw reviews David Solomons’ The Secret in Vault 13, the 2018 Thirteenth Doctor novel aimed at young readers
  • Escapes into Danger – Rogan Clark pays tribute to the late Terrance Dicks by reviewing Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters and Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon
  • Exhumation of the Daleks – Matthew Kilburn examines how Eric Saward’s novelizations of Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks conclude the classic series novelization range

30 Years of the Oxford Doctor Who Society:


  • Never the Bride – Filip Wieland and Georgia Harper review The Runaway, the free Doctor Who virtual reality experience
  • Stand by… for Action! – Sam Sheppard looks at Character Options and the history of its Doctor Who action figures


  • Clara Splinters and Where to Find Them – James Ashworth, otherwise the director-general of Splinter Watch, reveals his case files. With Can I Come Too, Doctor?, a splintervention by Matthew Kilburn
  • Creatures of War – Ian Bayley reappraises Eleventh Doctor story A Town Called Mercy

Timeslip 50 years on

Poetry and Prose

The PDF of the entire issue is now available here