The Tides of Time issue 43

Tides 43

The Tides of Time number 43 for Trinity Term 2019 was published by The Oxford Doctor Who Society in April 2019. It was edited by James Ashworth and Matthew Kilburn.

The issue is 80 pages, colour, A5.

Print copies are now sold out, but the PDF of the entire issue is now available here as a free download

Features include:

Reviews of Series 11



  • Timewyrm Tales – James Ashworth reviews the first four novels of the Virgin New Adventures
  • Bookwyrm Reviewed Stephen Brennan reviews Bookwyrm, the new book exploring the New Adventures in their entirety, from Robert Smith? and society alumnus Anthony Wilson
  • You all right, Hun? Georgia Harper reviews the new Thirteenth Doctor novel, Combat Magicks


  • Wise Men Say Andrew O’Day discusses the allegories of Kinda and Snakedance
  • As Time Goes ByOli Jones defends The Time of the Doctor
  • Top or Flop: The Capaldi Titles Conundrum –  James Ashworth and Ian Bayley debate the relative merits of the Capaldi-era titles
  • Hail to the ChiefRory Salt shines light on the work of Big Chief Studios
  • Hmm? Ian Bayley discusses David Bradley’s work on Doctor Who, after his visit to the Oxford Union


  • Equilibrium by Philip Holdridge, featuring the new TARDIS crew on a mission to another universe