The Tides of Time issue 18

Tides of Time, issue 18, was published in June 1995. It was cover dated Trinity Term 1995. It was edited by Corinne Berg. The cover price was £1.25.

A PDF of this issue can be downloaded here.


  • Editorial on Doctor Who and archaeology, by Corinne Berg
  • The Seven Faces of OUDWS. Society history by Paul Groves
  • That Old Common Arbitrator. Fifth Doctor and Shakespeare fiction by David Bickley
  • The Man that All Forgot. The sixth Doctor’s era, by James Brough and Anthony Wilson
  • The Tapes of Fandrozani. Satire by Gary Meehan and John Wilson
  • Polishing the Glass. Fiction by John W.G. Wilson
  • The Feminine Characterisation of the Fifth Doctor by Mary Brady and James Brough
  • The King. Part One. Seventh Doctor fiction by Louise Dennis. (Reprinted from issue 1)
  • Existence. Third Doctor fiction by Pierre Lefevre
  • The Other Half-Pint of Whipped Cream. Ian Chesterton and the concept of war, by Anthony Wilson
  • The Man Who Walks in Eternity. The seventh Doctor considered by James Brough and Anthony Wilson
  • Elegia. Third Doctor fiction by John W.G. Wilson
  • The Presidential Address: Virgin on the Ridiculous. Quantity, quality and the New and Missing Adventures, by John W.G. Wilson
  • Why in the Universe are We Still Doing This? The state of the Society, by Matthew Kilburn
  • Crossword by Gary Meehan

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 36pp