Tides 30

The Tides of Time, issue 30, was published in March 2005. Its cover date was Easter Vacation 2005. It was edited by Matthew Kilburn. SFX magazine declared it a Fanzine of the Month.

A PDF of this issue is available.


  • The Road to Hell. Editorial by Matthew Kilburn
  • Wanderers. Prologue, parts one and two. Eighth Doctor fiction by Alex M. Cameron
  • I’m a Doctor Who Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! New career opportunities for Doctor Who celebrities, by James Davies and M. Khan
  • The Road Not Taken? Season twenty-six reviewed by Daniel Saunders
  • A Child of the Gods.  Lungbarrowesque fiction by Alex M. Cameron
  • DocSoc: The Early Years. Society history by Paul Groves
  • Lloyd’s List. Innes Lloyd’s producership examined by Matthew Kilburn
  • The Space Museum. The Blackpool exhibition reviewed by Alex Middleton
  • The Daisiest Daisy? The Jon Pertwee era, by Daniel Saunders
  • The Way Back. Prospects for fandom as the revived series approaches, by Matthew Kilburn

Format: A4 folded to A5, outer covers on white card, photocopied, 48pp


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