Tides 12

Cover of internet edition
Cover of original paper edition

The Tides of Time, issue 12, was published in January 1994. It was cover dated Hilary Term 1994. The editor was Paul Fisher and the deputy editor was Gary Meehan. Its cover price was £1.

Download this issue as a PDF here.


  • Editorial by Paul Fisher
  • Deputy editorial by Gary Meehan
  • Pertwee’s European Adventure. The Common Market and Peladon, by M.J. Ritson
  • The Sylvester McCoy Years. A Reassessment by Ian Fellows
  • Quiz #5. Crossword
  • The Axeman Cometh, part one. Satire by Ryan Hemage
  • The Doctor’s Greatest Fan. Fiction by Gareth Cornell
  • Unhand Me Madam! Era review of Jon Pertwee by Mark Hanlon
  • Sylvester (with apologies to Abba and Fernando). Song by Ian Fellows
  • Sentence of Death. The search for the lost episodes of Doctor Who, part one. by Paul Lee
  • Missing episodes listing
  • Sadness of the Sontarans. Satire by Paul Groves
  • Sex, Drugs, Violence & Swearing (and a bit of rock n’ roll). Survey of the New Adventures by Anthony Wilson
  • Answers to quizzes #3 and #4 by Stephen Drape

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 28pp (with two blank pages)

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