Tides 8

Tides of Time, issue 8, was cover dated Trinity Term 1992. It was edited by Julian Mander with assistance from Mark Hanlon. Its cover price was 50p.

The issue can be downloaded as a PDF.


  • Editorial by Julian Mander
  • Aunty Ainley. Agony column
  • Time’s Crucible. Review of the first in the Cat’s Cradle series of New Adventures by Julian Mander
  • Attack of the Cybermen. Review by Mark Hanlon
  • How to be a Committee Member. Satire on the Society by Paul Groves
  • Interview: Terrance Dicks. Report on his talk to the Society in 1992 by Julian Mander
  • Doctor Why. Cartoons by Paul Groves
  • The Wig of Nimon. Satire by Paul Groves and James Brough
  • The McCoy Years. Era review by Mark Hanlon
  • Quiz. Crossword by Paul Groves and Julian Mander
  • Gambit. Review of the Blake’s 7 episode by Matthew Kilburn
  • Title Sequences: Bernard Lodge, Where are You? by Matthew Kilburn
  • Shuttle. Seventh Doctor fiction by Julian Mander

This was the first of four issues to use a standard photomontage cover design by Julian Mander.

Format: A4, single sheets, outer covers orange card, photocopied and stapled left, 22pp

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