Tides 1

The Tides of Time, issue 1, was published in January 1990.  It was cover dated Hilary Term 1990. It was edited by Louise Dennis. Its cover price was 70p.

In May 2014, to mark the society’s twenty-fifth anniversary, I rescanned and uploaded the entire first issue.

Download issue 1 as a PDF here.

Earlier versions of this post included links to first two, later three and eventually four articles as PDFs.  These links are retained below.

In every case I was working with scans from a photocopy which is over twenty years old. This is reflected in the quality of the images, and though there has been some minimal editing, grey tones and the occasional paper discolouration still appear.


Cover illustration by Louise Dennis

Format: A4 folded to A5, cover pages on light green paper, photocopied, 20pp.

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