Tides 29 now available for download

As if I hadn’t enough to do, I’ve spent a few hours reconstructing the first issue of The Tides of Time which I edited, back in 2004. Issue 29 was the first published in the less expensive A5 format, and had a long gestation under three editorships. Although published at Easter 2004, many of the articles had been written before the commissioning of the new series of Doctor Who in 2003, though I was able to make reference to it in the editorial. As a result, there’s a high emphasis on non-Doctor Who material, with a Buffy cover as I shamelessly plug my own article, and articles on Star Trek, The Prisoner and the career of Brian Clemens too. For a full listing see the Tides 29 page.

For technical reasons it’s available in two formats.

This link takes you to the printer-friendly booklet version

This link takes you to the screen-friendly A5 page version

There’s one more issue of the ‘modern era’ yet to upload, issue 31 from November 2005, but as some of the content has been contracted to Mad Norwegian Press’s excellent Time Unincorporated series, I will have to edit those articles out, so can’t promise the upload immediately.

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