Citizen of the Universe

The Tides of Time started publishing in 1990, just as BBC Video turned their attention towards releasing more Doctor Who on VHS and also increased the proportion of black and white serials in their schedule. This context, combined with fannish curiosity about the early years of the programme and a scholarly drive to seek the essence of Doctor Who in the origins of the series, meant that Tides has never neglected the first Doctor. I’ve now uploaded some fiction featuring the first Doctor published over the years, as well as a few story reviews and our tribute to Sydney Newman.

All the articles are scans from the original photocopied or inkjet-printed fanzines, except for the reviews of The Aztecs and The Dalek Invasion of Earth where the quality of the originals was too poor. These have been reset.




All the articles remain the copyright of the contributors. On a further technical note, the scanned items are still taking longer to download than I would like, and I’ll look into ways of retaining legibility while making the files less cumbersome.

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