Doctor Who 11.2 – The Ghost Monument

In which we link to Oxfordshire-based writer and Tides co-editor Matthew Kilburn‘s review, first published on his own site The Event Library.JodieW-GhostMonument

The Event Library

JodieW-GhostMonumentAfter one or two of the discussions I had last week, I wondered whether (contrary to my conclusions in my review of The Woman Who Fell to Earth) this new Doctor Who was actually an ’empty space’ in the sense that it was setting out to capture viewers’ projections in the way that opposition politicians collect grievances and influence to use against those in power. The substance was minimal, but was reflective of concerns with which it was not necessarily deeply engaged. I am instinctively someone who tries to navigate to find a consensus between different points of view, but it’s not always possible to triangulate between the Series Eleven enthusiast and the Chibnall-sceptic. Chibnall’s authoring is less distinctive a voice than that of Steven Moffat or Russell T Davies, but he does have priorities. His love of ensemble casts is the closest thing he has to a signature…

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