The Tides of Time issue 42 – online edition


Number 42 of The Tides of Time, published in November 2018, is now online as two PDFs:

Print version (9Mb)

Compact version (4Mb)er

Features include

  • The Time of Doctor Puppet – James Ashworth talks to Alisa Stern, creator of The Doctor Puppet
  • At Last, the Universe is Calling – Georgia Harper looks forward from September to the promise of the Thirteenth Doctor
  • “I Can Hear the Sound of Empires Toppling” – Sam Sheppard examines Doctor Who from the point of view of a deaf fan
  • Summer of ’65 – Adam Kendrick reviews the summer of Doctor Who on Twitch
  • The Barbara Wright Stuff – Guest contributor Sophie Iles explains how Doctor Who on Twitch turned her into a professional Doctor Who artist
  • Tonight, I should liveblog… – Georgia Harper on the joys of Doctor Who liveblogging
  • Love Letters to Doctor Who – Rogan Clark takes a twenty-first century fan’s look at the 2018 Target novelizations
  • KtM_imageTop or Flop? Kill the Moon – The controversial Peter Capaldi story debated by William Shaw and Sam Sheppard, with a haiku by William Shaw and introduction and limerick by James Ashworth
  • Utopia 2018 – James Ashworth meets Katy Manning, Waris Hussein, the casts of Class and The Keeper of Traken at Fantom’s Utopia 2018 convention
  • Past and Present Mixed Up – Matthew Kilburn explains the background to his Black Archive entry on The Time Warrior
  • Doctors Assemble – James Ashworth explores the connections between Doctor Who and the worlds of Marvel Comics
  • The Fan Show – Ian Bayley reflects on Peter Capaldi’s panel at London Film and Comic Con 2018
  • Empty Pockets, Empty Shelves – Thoughts by Matthew Kilburn on the transition between Peter Capaldi’s Doctor’s library-like TARDIS in Twice Upon a Time and Jodie Whittaker’s empty pockets in The Woman Who Fell to Earth
  • Blind Drunk at Sainsbury’s – Is Big Finish’s attempt at presenting a woman Doctor in Exile a suitable precedent for Jodie Whittaker? No, says James Ashworth, but in many more words
  • A Stone’s Throw, Part Four. – The last part of John Salway’s tale of the fourth and fifth Doctors
  • This Mild Curiosity – William Shaw tells of Facebook group Time And Relative Dimensions In Shitposting

Those download links again:

Print version (9Mb)

Compact version (4Mb)

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