Summer Special Download: Conventions and Other Events

The end of August is approaching – a hot, hard sun (we love you, Neil Cross) or else the cold rain and autumn-apprehending clouds of the legendary English bank holiday weekend. Time for our long-planned summer supplement! The Tides of Time Special Edition Summer 2019: Conventions and Other Events is here, having grown from a few pages which had to be left out of issue 43 into 64 colour pages looking at some of the events our writers have been to recently or in some cases several years ago.

It can be downloaded free of charge in one of two formats:

High-resolution PDF (12Mb)

Low-resolution PDF (2.6Mb)

Features include:

Big Finish Twentieth Anniversary

  • A Celebration of Doctor Who Audios. Matthew Kemp at Big Finish Day, 22 June 2019
  • Legacy of the Time War. Dahria Kuyser comments on themes explored in the Big Finish anniversary weekend livestream, July 2019

Aldbourne and The Daemons

  • Sympathy for the Devil. Mark Learey, Matthew Kilburn and Ian Bayley wonder why we love The Daemons so much
  • The Devil Came Down to Aldbourne. Ian Bayley and Matthew Kilburn join Paul Booth and his DePaul University students for An Afternoon at Devil’s End, 23 June 2019
  • Pertwee’s Last Daemons. Mark Learey recalls the day that Jon Pertwee met fans for what would be the final time, 27 April 1996, at Aldbourne, with photographs by Stephen Broome, Anne Russell and Mark

Bedford Who Charity Con

  • Bedford to the Future. Adam Kendrick writes on the fifth Bedford Who Charity Con, 13 April 2019

Fantom Events’ Time Flight

  • A Flying Visit. James Ashworth reports on Fantom Events’ Time Flight, held in Banbury on 1-3 February 2019
  • Restoration Man. James Ashworth observes Paul Vanezis’s panel at Time Flight
  • Voord of Mouth. James Ashworth meets Hartnell-era actor Martin Cort


  • Russell T Davies Returns to College. James Ashworth reports from Russell T Davies’s discussion of his career with Sir Jonathan Bate, Provost of Worcester College, Oxford, on 23 May 2019
  • Wicked Professor. Paul Dumont remembers Sophie Aldred’s visit to Oxford on 4 February 1991, in a piece first published in Skaro in Autumn 1993

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