Terrance Dicks 1935-2019

Terrance Dicks at St Peter's College, Oxford, 1994. Illustrative.
Terrance Dicks in Oxford, 1994. Image by Matthew Kilburn

“What I propose to do – well, I don’t know what I propose to do, but I’ll have a go.”

So Terrance Dicks began one of his talks, putting his audience at ease and downplaying his great ability as a speaker and storyteller. He visited Oxford to talk to the university’s Doctor Who society several times. The Tides of Time wrote up two of these, in 1992 and 2006, and we are posting the links to the issues again here.

Terrance Dicks was one of the architects of Doctor Who‘s extraordinary longevity, making it as much about books as television for at least one generation of devotees. Further and new reflections on Terrance Dicks’s contribution to Doctor Who will appear in the next issue of Tides.

The Tides of Time 8, Trinity Term 1992

The Tides of Time 32, Trinity Term 2006

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