A Haiku for The Web Planet

Web Planet

Image Credit: Adapted from NASA (Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons), Dan Sellers (CC BY-SA 3.0Wikimedia Commons), little_details (CC BY 2.0, Flickr) and John Tann (CC BY 2.0, Flickr)

Image Description: A Zarbi emerges from behind the TARDIS on Vortis

By William Shaw

Cemetery landscape;

Our bodies turn against us

As shrieks fill the air. 


In this ancient nest

An otherworldly voice asks:

Why do you come now? 


Lights dance through the web

As shrieking intensifies

The fear of straight lines. 


Consigned to the pit,

A flashing of the future;

The air fills with wings. 


Once, we flew above

Thought. Wingless we strategise

In the Tomb of Light. 


The web collapses,

Tendrils folding into smoke.

Water flows again. 


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