Regression of the Daleks – Reviewed


Image Credit: Paul Wilson (Public Domain, Flickr)

Image Description: It’s A Sin how good the Daleks look!

An issue of Tides from an alternate universe recently came into the editor’s possession. Sadly, all that remained of the badly burnt copy was a fragment of a review of the otherwise unknown episode Regression of the Daleks – all that remains is published here:

By James Ashworth

…we are then introduced, with a bang, to Trooper Linden. Played by Ritchie Tozer, the character seems slightly deliberate, and overacted at first. However, as the action proceeds forwards, and the characters start to regress backwards, it becomes apparent this is a deliberate choice. The actor’s theatrical background in plays such as Hay Fever, and the style of the performance, are a tip of the cap all the way back to The Daleks, especially the considered portrayals of Alydon and Ganatus.

This same look back to previous eras extends to the production of the episode as well. Of course, the design of Lusitania, and the Daleks’ method of entry, clearly owes a debt to Resurrection of the Daleks, though other elements tell a different story. The direction and effects point to more recent styles, showing that even in 1988, the show can still push boundaries.
The action then proceeds…

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