Time Lord Victorious – UNIT Field Log 14681 & 14682 – Reviewed!


Image Credit: BBC Studios/Immersive Everywhere (Fair Use)

Image Description: A promo image for Time Fracture

By John Salway

Name: 14682 UNIT Field Log

Type: Trailer

Price: Free

Current TLV investment: £325.40

As the debut of the immersive theatre show Time Fracture is beginning to approach, let’s take a quick look at some of the in-canon promotional material. After all, this is technically official Time Lord Victorious story content, and I’ve pledged to be thorough in my duty to report on all TLV!

We’ll start with the first two trailers of the set. The first, coming in at twenty seconds in length, is basically a trailer for a trailer. There’s some shouting, a UNIT soldier, scientists, and a suspiciously familiar crack in the wall. The second trailer gives us some answers, explaining that we’re at a UNIT site that has been built around the eponymous time fracture, which has been under observation for decades – but, quelle surprise, recently the readings have begun to increase, and the fracture itself is growing bigger.

Our main character is Dr Courtney, with some additional interjections by the intriguingly named Dr Yates – any relation to the famous UNIT captain, perchance? While reporting on the rise in Chronon and Artron energy levels, and studying the ‘mysterious’ artefact that has fallen through the rapture (which Yates correctly identifies as the Tenth Doctor’s shoe), the readings begin to rise again, and alarms begin to blare as the video cuts out…

This is an interesting little teaser, and I look forward to seeing how the mini-story will develop over the next two parts, but it is slightly disappointing that the majority of the set appears to be a green-screen, lending the whole thing a slightly cheap, artificial vibe – was a wall and some monitors too great an expense? (Or was this due to the impact of Covid instead? – Ed.) The time fracture itself, here shown as a large glowing crack in the wall, is immediately reminiscent of the crack in time that dominated Series Five of Doctor Who on telly, and I look forward to seeing if it will function in the same way. Continuity wise, there’s also an interesting mention of the UNIT budget being slashed, a presumable reference to their status as of the TV story Resolution.

It’s going to be really fascinating to see how much of this content plays into the physical event of Time Fracture – will Courtney and Yates appear in the live show, or even be mentioned? (According to cast lists, yes! – Ed.) Or is the whole thing just extra background detail for fanatics like myself? Well, there’s only one way to find out…roll on June!


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