Mind games – Omega #3 reviewed


Image Credit: Cutaway Comics (Fair Use)

Image Description: The cover of Omega #3

Tides was provided with a free review copy of the comic

By James Ashworth

Now flying the flag as (currently) the only ongoing comic series from Cutaway, Omega has plenty of expectation on its shoulders as its third, and penultimate, issue is released. Like its predecessors, Omega #3 continues its strong storytelling as tough decisions lead to drastic consequences for Princess Malika and her comrades.

When we last left them, our heroes were in something of a tricky situation as Oxirgi prepared to rain down fire upon the world of Minyos. Fortunately, there’s enough of the Star Wars DNA of the previous issue to guide them to relative safety, as they bring the battle to Oxirgi himself. Once again, Omega doesn’t rest on its laurels, but innovates, with a more introspective take as we see glimpses into Malika’s past, and are provided with self-aware internal narration that drives the plot forward while not dragging into an expository quagmire. Mark Griffiths writing delivers witty dialogue that is very much reminiscent of the Fourth Doctor era, while still providing plenty of action as the stakes are raised.

These scenes continue to be rendered beautifully by John Ridgway, whose art is worth the price of the comic alone. In this issue, a highlight is a mental battle reminiscent of moments from The Deadly Assassin, but, freed from the constraints of time, money and reality, able to create even more mind-bending sequences. While there is a decent amount of dialogue to go around, the artwork tells much of the story in its own right, with the eye motifs continuing to deliver striking moments within the story.

As for the back-up strip, the pulp fiction has now very much turned to horror, as ‘The Demon Beast of Eden’ arrives to exact its toll on our protagonists. The gore factor is certainly turned up a notch as the hunters become the hunted, while still leaving plot lines open to explore in the final instalment.

Once again, Omega continues to deliver solid storytelling with outstanding artwork. Though Lytton may be over for now, its superior sibling continues to fly the flag, with much promise for the fourth and final issue of this series. Roll on October!


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