Haiku for Doctor Who Series 12

Image Credit: Adapted from Mike Baird (CC BY 2.0Flickr)

Image Description: The Skithra come with a sting in their tail…

By Will Shaw


The shapes from nowhere

Will make Time Lords, and their friends

Go undercover.

We danced to freedom.

Time to switch off, and let you

Take off your own mask.

Orphan 55

Society’s dregs

Will make this desolate air

Breathable again.

Nikola Tesla’s Night Of Terror

You think plagiarism

Is problem enough, but then

Oh no! Scorpions!


Something is feasting

On the plastic in your lungs.

The ravens, circling.

Can You Hear Me?

Powerful beings

Will profit off your nightmares;

Take the monsters back!

Revolution of the Daleks

Hope calls to hatred

Dimensions fold like paper

And so long, suckers!

The Archive of Islos

Stainless steel planets

Tremble at Dalek demands

For library cards.

Shadow of a Doubt

You want to get out?

You just need to say sorry.

Own what you have done.

The Shadow in the Mirror

We cannot forget,

Or forgive. But you deserve

Your own life, at last.

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