Into the Towersverse – Paradise Found #2 reviewed


Image Credit: Cutaway Comics (Fair Use)

Image Description: The cover of Paradise Found #2

Tides was provided with a free review copy of the comic

By James Ashworth

Stepping back into Wyatt’s world, Paradise Found #2 goes much further and faster than its first instalment now the introductions are out of the way. It seems the denizens of Paradise Towers can’t catch a break, as the illusion of safety begins to falter…

This issue hits the ground running, with barely an ounce of wasted space in sight. Following the climactic murder of two soldiers, Viv-2 finds that, like her mothers before her, she is about to see the foundations of Paradise Towers society rocked once again. Paralleling Stephen Wyatt’s other Doctor Who story, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, the familiar faces and old habits no longer bring security but represent a vision warped significantly from its origins. It’s difficult to discuss while not going into detail, but suffice to say that fans of the original story will certainly be intrigued by the revelations this instalment has to offer.

Heading to the back-up strips, and both offer commentary in their respective plot lines. While Paradise Before lends added context to the events of the main comic, with a warning of the danger of rushing large projects, Terra Alpha Nights goes in a very different direction. After the bright lights of the clubs and parties of the first issue, it’s a much more washed out affair this time around as a pathologist in clown garb assists the Happiness Patrol with their investigations. Even though it only has two pages, it manages to get through a whole story while conveying its message. With an interview added in too, there’s likely to be something for everyone within this comic’s pages.

Cutaway’s storytelling in this comic book keeps everyone, characters and readers alike, on their toes while inexorably drawing them deeper into the worlds they are creating. It’s hard to predict where it will head next, so it won’t be soon enough when the next issue arrives!

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