Tides 48 has arrived: Series Thirteen, Ncuti Gatwa and more!

tides-48-coverAfter our time in lockdown, Tides has emerged out the other side with a new issue! Spanning Series Thirteen, Series Fourteen, and many other things in between, it’s a look to the recent past as well as the future.

Order your copy by clicking here or contacting outidesoftime@gmail.com!

Full contents here

Highlights include:

Series Thirteen Reviews, poll results and speculation from Ian Bayley, Victoria Walker, James Ashworth, John Salway, and Thomas Barker

RTD2 Matthew Kilburn, James Ashworth, William Shaw and many more have their say on the emerging next era of Doctor Who

Time Lord Victorious John Salway continues his odyssey into the world of TLV as plotlines, and the price, continue to pile up

Jackie Lane The actor and agent behind Dodo Chaplet is remembered

Big Finish James Ashworth chats to Stewart Pringle and Lauren Mooney about their writing for the audio firm

Fiction from Atlas Booth and Evan Jones

Poetry from William Shaw

And much more

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