The Ruby Sundae – a dessert recipe in honour of Doctor Who’s newest companion


Images Credit: John Salway

Image Description: The complete Ruby Sundae

John Salway invents a dessert for the Fifteenth Doctor’s companion

As soon as Ruby Sunday, the Doctor’s newest companion, was announced, I had an idea for how to mark the occasion. While some may have listened to the Rolling Stones song ‘Ruby Tuesday’, I had another idea – what better way is there to honour a Sunday-named Doctor Who companion than with a Sundae of her own? 

As such, I laid my hands on a variety of reddish foods to assemble a sundae fit for Ruby. Sundae glasses aren’t something I’d had much use for before, but after picking some up from the local charity shop I was all set to create a culinary masterpiece. I hope it’s one that you too will be able to enjoy at home!

Ruby Sundae

Serves One


  • Sundae glass
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Grater (if grating chocolate)


  • Strawberry syrup
  • One scoop vanilla ice cream
  • 5-6 glace cherries, chopped
  • One scoop strawberry ice cream
  • Can of whipped cream
  • Flaked/grated chocolate, 15g
  • 1 red jelly diamond


  1. Drizzle the glass with strawberry syrup
  2. Add one scoop of vanilla ice cream
  3. Scatter half of the chopped glace cherries, and drizzle with strawberry syrup20221120_151650
  4. Add one scoop of strawberry ice cream
  5. Scatter the remaining glace cherries, and drizzle with strawberry syrup20221120_151819
  6. Spray the top with whipped cream to form a dome
  7. Drizzle for the final time with strawberry syrup
  8. Scatter flaked/grated chocolate over the top
  9. Place the red jelly diamond onto the peak of the cream
  10. Enjoy!

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