Tides 22

Tides of Time, issue 22, was cover dated Trinity Term 1998. It was edited by Matthew Peacock, with assistance from Alastair Harrison, Matthew Stanton and David Bickley. Its cover price was £1.25.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.


  • Editorial by Number 2
  • One More Time. Third Doctor regenerative fiction by Derek Haywood
  • The Tenth Planet. Review (including discussion of a telesnap reconstruction of episode four) by Alastair Harrison and David Bickley
  • Desperation of the Daleks. Seventh Doctor fiction by Matthew Peacock
  • It’s my Light! Untangling Ghost Light by Alastair Harrison
  • Change m’dear – and not a moment too soon. The evolution of the Doctor and Ghost Light, by Derek Haywood
  • So long as they don’t start screaming: the gay/lesbian/bisexual guide to Doctor Who by Fiona Moore
  • Small is Beautiful: a Review of Short Trips by Alastair Harrison
  • Wanderlust. Review of The Hollow Men. Anonymous
  • BBC Books: One Year On by Matthew Stanton
  • Ten Alternative Renderings Describing Intelligent Spaceships by Alex Ball
  • The Doctor Who Technobabble Device Generator by Alex Ball
  • Red Alert! Third Doctor fiction by Alan Whitten
  • “Well, that buggers up our plan to conquer the universe!” Defending the Daleks, by Matthew Peacock
  • All Alone in the Night? Character developments in Babylon 5 series 5, by Dave Howdon
  • Doctor Who by Numbers: A Lament for Logopolis by David Bickley
  • The Al and Mat Show. Editorial by Matthew Peacock and Alastair Harrison
  • Nursery Story. Second Doctor fiction by Caroline Steventon
  • Only Smarties Have the Answer. A Get Smart retrospective by Alice Dryden
  • Sixties Survivors. Chart of surviving episodes from 1960s Doctor Who

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 32pp

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