Tides 23

Tides of Time, issue 23, was cover dated Hilary Term 1999. It was edited by Matthew Peacock. The cover price was £1.25.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.


  • Editorial. The OUDWS as I, Claudius by Matthew Peacock
  • Five Year Plans. The third Doctor’s era in Doctor Who parallelled with Babylon 5 by David Bickley
  • Hercules – A User’s Guide. A look at Hercules: The Legendary Journeys by Penny Goodman
  • Penalty Phase. Doctor and Master fiction by Matthew Peacock
  • “Mathematics Cannot Lie” (The Doctor, The Claws of Axos). How much money does the BBC make from Doctor Who? by Matthew Peacock
  • Three of Five. Three episodes from Babylon 5‘s final season reviewed by Dave Howdon
  • The Time Prophet, parts one and two. Eighth Doctor fiction by Alan Whitten
  • The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence by Robert Priddey
  • Crisis on Ptarmigan. How can you tell how bad things are…? Fiction by Alasdair Prett
  • This Looks Good… Very Good… (and the animation isn’t bad either). Why you should watch Reboot, by Fiona Moore
  • Worst Case Scenario. Third Doctor and Jo fiction by William J. Ramsden
  • The Misjudgement of Lytton: In Defence of the Sixth Doctor by Fiona Moore
  • The Daleks: A Twentieth-Century Evil by John Wilson
  • A Secretary Speaks. Musings on the fan condition by David Bickley
  • Vale, Stephen Cole. A look back on Cole’s editorship of the BBC Books Doctor Who range by Alastair Harrison
  • To live in interesting times: the return of The Lion. Missing episode news
  • Coda. Sixth Doctor fiction by Derek Haywood
  • Hellwho! Report on the weddings of Louise Dennis to Bill Sellers and Daniel Blythe to Rachel Tilford in the style of Hello! magazine, by Matthew Kilburn

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 32pp

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