Tides 16

Tides of Time, issue 16, was cover dated Hilary Term 1995. The editor-in-chief was Gary Meehan, and the editor was Corinne Berg. Its cover price was £1.

A PDF of this issue can be downloaded here.


  • Aunty Ainley. Problem page
  • High Tides. Magazine history by Matthew Kilburn
  • Identity Parade. Metafiction by Anthony Wilson
  • A Sontaran in a Barber’s Shop. Quiz by Leo V. Gaspur
  • Coach Party, part one. Satire by Ryan Hemage
  • This Time of Night. Fiction by John Wilson
  • The Man that Time Forgot. The later second Doctor, third Doctor and early fourth Doctor periods, by James Brough and Anthony Wilson
  • The God in the Machine. Fiction by Mary Brady
  • Grief Encounters: Faux Pas, or One Man and his Root Vegetable, or But Mr Dicks, potatoes weren’t invented then. Satire by Ryan Hemage
  • A Bizarre Love Triangle. Helen A fiction by John Wilson
  • A Pescatorial Conundrum or, A Fishy Problem. First Doctor and Bede fiction by Corinne Berg
  • Trade-Off. Sontaran fiction by John Wilson
  • The Presidential Address: Canon Fodder. The limits of the Doctor Who canon, by Anthony Wilson

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 32pp

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