Tides 17

Tides of Time, issue 17, was published in April 1995. It was cover dated Trinity Term 1995. It was edited by Corinne Berg. The cover price was £1.25.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.


  • Editorial (a temporal causality paradox) by Corinne Berg
  • The Man that Time Forgot part three. The later Tom Baker and Peter Davison eras, by James Brough and Anthony Wilson
  • Vanishing Point. Seventh Doctor fiction by John W.G. Wilson
  • Faux Pas. Androzani fiction by Ryan Hemage
  • The Real Shocking Truth. The New and Missing Adventures explained in a paragraph.
  • Crossword by Gary Meehan
  • Sapphire and Steel: An Overview by John W.G. Wilson
  • Baggs of Fun. BBV plans, by Gavin Llewellyn
  • Could It All Be True by Paul Groves (Tides issue 13) – a Response by Pierre Lefevre
  • Denial of a Crime Fraud – or – Killing Me Softly with a Word Processor. Second Doctor and Jamie metafiction by Anthony Wilson
  • Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On. Ace fiction by Mary Brady
  • Coach Party, part two. Satire by Gary Meehan
  • Touched by the Hand of God. Scaroth fiction by John W.G. Wilson
  • A Theory of Time and Paradox in Doctor Who. A response to the above by Corinne R. Berg
  • Half a Pint of Whipped Cream. Thoughts on the fan consensus by Anthony Wilson
  • Five Years of Tides of Time: A Statistical Analysis and Poll by Paul Groves
  • Costumes III: Pathways. Regeneration fiction by Anthony Wilson
  • A Sontaran in a Barber’s Shop – the Revenge. Quiz answers by Leo V. Gaspur and Tim Rickman
  • Doctor Who and the Problem of Evil. Morality in the series, by Mary Brady and James Brough
  • Military Intelligence. Dalek short fiction by Leo V. Gaspur
  • The Presidential Address: Special Effects by John Wilson
  • Envoi by Corinne Berg

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 40pp

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