Tides 13

The Tides of Time, issue 13, was cover dated Hilary Term 1994. It was edited by Gary Meehan and David Steele. Its cover price was £1.

Download a PDF of this issue here.


  • Editorial by Gary Meehan and David Steele
  • Doctor Who – A New Approach. Satire – or cultural studies essay? by D. J. Steele
  • Costumes I: Tying up the loose ends. Fifth Doctor fiction by Anthony Wilson
  • Sentence of Death, part two. Missing episodes article by Paul Lee
  • The Axeman Cometh, part two. Satire by Ryan Hemage
  • The Dimension Riders. Oxford-set New Adventure reviewed by Matthew Kilburn
  • Quiz #6. Anagrams by Paul Dumont with James Brough
  • The Planet of Death, part one. Satire by Gary Meehan
  • Could It All Be True? Science, Doctor Who and UFOlogy by Paul Groves
  • Grief Encounters: The Perfect Kiss. Tegan fiction by John Wilson
  • Death & Goodbye. Sonic screwdriver fiction by Ian Fellows
  • Sex! Drugs! Violence! Magic Mushrooms! The Shocking Truth! The New Adventures Revealed! by Anthony Wilson
  • Quotes from Michaelmas Term 1993
  • Are YOU a Doctor Who Fan? Questionnaire by Paul Groves

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 28pp (two blank pages)

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