Tides 4

The Tides of Time, issue 4, was published in January 1991. It was cover dated Hilary Term 1991. It was edited by Louise Dennis. It had no cover price, but probably sold at 40p.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.

Please note that PDFs are sourced from aged photocopies!


  • Editorial by Louise Dennis
  • The Deadly Assassin. Review by Matthew Kilburn
  • Supremacy of the Daleks. Fiction by Alan Whitten
  • Inferno. Art by Robert Moss
  • Inferno. Review by Robert Moss
  • Robots Robots Everywhere! Review of The Robots of Death by Tim Procter
  • Going Underground. Review of Frontios by Tim Procter
  • Competition Results by Roger Shaw
  • Puzzles by Paul Groves and Mark Dunn
  • Cold Turkey or Spam? Review of Destiny of the Daleks by Michael Hagen
  • Blake’s Seven: Destiny. A reinterpretation of Destiny of the Daleks by Paul Groves
  • “Do Not Deviate” Review of Destiny of the Daleks by Tim Procter
  • Doctor Who in the TLS by Paul Dumont
  • The Dominators. Review by Matthew Kilburn

Cover illustrations by Robert Moss

Format: A3 folded to A5 and cut; photocopied. 20pp

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