Tides 5

The Tides of Time, issue 5, was published in April 1991, and cover dated Trinity Term 1991. It was edited by Louise Dennis. It had no cover price but probably sold at 40p.

This issue is available for download as a PDF.


  • Editorial by Louise Dennis
  • The Celestial Toymaker. Art by Robert Moss
  • Chainsword Blues. The career of Abslom Daak, by Tim Procter
  • Controversy Corner: Regeneration v Rejuvenation Revisited by Matthew Kilburn
  • The Daemons. Art by Robert Moss
  • The Ribos Operation. Review by Paul Dumont
  • “Not Unless I Do Something Immensely Clever”. Review of The Pirate Planet by Mark Dunn
  • Sticks and Stones. Review of The Stones of Blood by Tim Procter
  • Dungeons and Drag Ons. Review of The Androids of Tara by Tim Procter
  • Ruritania Rules O.K. Review of The Androids of Tara by Paul Dumont
  • K9 in a boat, illustrated by Robert Moss
  • Doctor Who: The Dustbins of Death. Comic strip by Paul Groves
  • The Levithian Gambit. Fiction by Paul Dumont
  • Questionnaire Results. Society survey feedback by Matthew Kilburn
  • Logic problem by Mark Dunn
  • The Edge of Destruction and The Mind Robber reviewed by Graham Pointer
  • The Aztecs reviewed by Matthew Kilburn
  • The Tomb of the Cybermen. Art by Robert Moss
  • Year Review. The Society, 1991/92, by Louise Dennis
  • Portrait of the Editor. The Malus, by Roger Shaw

Cover illustration by Muzibur Rahman

Back cover illustration: The Invasion by Robert Moss

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 24pp


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