The Deadly Assassin

It’s been some time since new content was added to the site. Here, scanned in all its dotmatrixed glory, is my review of The Deadly Assassin from issue 4 of The Tides of Time, published at the start of 1991. It’s remarkably upbeat and cautious at the same time, being non-committal on the intentions of the production team regarding the apparent regeneration of the Master at the end of the story. Considering that I had been harsh on the Colin Baker era in Sixth of One in the previous issue, I was perhaps inclined to be more generous towards Doctor Who stories I watched when I was five or six than I was towards those I saw between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. I’m still quite pleased that I mentioned the Lavender List, though – I don’t think it had become a commonplace of Deadly Assassin reviews then – and in compensation for my not giving the reference more context then, here is a picture of Marcia Williams (latterly Baroness Falkender), who allegedly drew up Harold Wilson’s resignation honours list in 1976 on lavender-coloured notepaper, though Lady Falkender has reportedly always denied this.

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