The Troglodyte: a 1998 fanzine

Troglodyte1Download The Troglodyte, issue 1, Winter 1998/99

For a change, a Tides of Time spin-off. The Troglodyte was an attempt to crossover the writing of my university friends with a wider fandom appeal, shaped by my own preoccupations and a certain nostalgia for the Doctor Who fanzine as I first discovered it in the 1980s. This took much longer to do than I expected, and many of the images which I sourced were not equal to the tasks I intended for them. The first print run (much of which went on sale at Forbidden Planet in London) was very murky, too, and only the second, shorter run came from a modern copying machine. I’ve learned recently that the copy shop I used in New Cross had previously been a comic shop and publisher owned by Dez Skinn, founding editor of Doctor Who Weekly among many other distinctions. Small world and all…

I’ve not been able to recreate the ‘Kodak yellow’ (as Doctor Who Magazine described it) paper used for the cover, but the rest is reproduced as well as feasible from the master printouts. The file size is over 30Mb and so larger than normal, but any lower and the type definition would be unacceptable to me.  Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Tolkien, Manic Street Preachers, Sir Walter Scott, Pleasantville, Dar Williams, The X Files and more contend for space within.

Needless to say, I hope, all the addresses inside should be considered out of date, including the e-mails.

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