A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting.

The third Doctor, his adventures and the actor who played him were all rediscovered and raked over by fandom in the 1990s, and Tides of Time writers were not excepted. This release contains some of the responses the third Doctor received during the first twenty-eight issues of Tides of Time, from the serious to the flippant, to the bizarre.

Articles which were included in earlier releases are marked with an asterisk (*).



  • Unhand Me Madam! The Pertwee era considered by Mark Hanlon. First published in Tides 12 (1994)
  • Pertwee’s European Adventure. The Peladon stories in their historical context, by M.J. Ritson. First published in Tides 12 (1994)
  • This Blessed Plot. Alien invasions of Earth as alien invasions of England, examined by Matthew Peacock. First published in Tides 26 (2000)


  • Prey by John Wilson. From the Grief Encounters strand. Cliff Jones finds a mysterious spore… First published in Tides 14 (1994)
  • Faux Pas, or One Man and his Root Vegetable, or But Mr Dicks, Potatoes Weren’t Invented Then by Ryan Hemage. A further Grief Encounter, explaining the presence of potatoes in The Time Warrior through one fan’s determination to preserve his pride… First published in Tides 16 (1995)
  • Existence by Pierre Lefevre. Day of the Daleks has its consequences. First published in Tides 18 (1995)
  • One More Time by Derek Haywood. The third Doctor has had a fatal encounter with a giant spider, but he is not ready to go gentle into that good night. First published in Tides 22 (1998)*
  • Lawful Wedded Wife by Alice Dryden. Married life in the Amazon for Jo and Cliff Jones. First published in Tides 24 (1999)*


And finally…

  • The Most Fell Beast of All. What happens when an editor asks an arachnophobe to review Planet of the Spiders, by Sarah Sturch. First published in Tides 3 (1990)

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