Time Unincorporated 3

TimeUninc3The third, latest and apparently last in Mad Norwegian Press’s series of books anthologizing Doctor Who fan writing, Time Unincorporated, has recently been published. Editors Robert Smith? and Graeme Burk have included two articles related to The Tides of Time. One is ‘Little Boys, Young Farmers and Gays’ by Dewi Evans, originally published in Tides 31 in November 2005, but not available on this website. The other, more tangentially, is ‘Visionary’ by Anthony Wilson. The article is first published in Time Unincorporated 3, but Anthony was one of the most prolific contributors to The Tides of Time during the 1990s.

Friends of the Oxford Doctor Who Society contributing to the book include Cardiff-based media scholar Melissa Beattie and ‘Dalek’ scribe and writer of plays, short stories, scripts and criticism Robert Shearman.

The book is available from several online retailers, including The Book Depository; readers in the US are recommended to order from the publishers directly.

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