Twenty years ago: Tides of Time, issue 8

Tides08Those of you visiting the page looking for the pdf of issue 36, please be patient; we hope to upload it within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, a voyage (without TARDIS) back in time to 1992, when we still weren’t sure that Doctor Who was off the air for good in its BBC form, when Virgin Publishing’s New Adventures were still a cautious experiment, when a generation raised on Target novelisations hung on the words of a visiting Terrance Dicks, and when Tides of Time lost its definite article and embraced the brave new world of desktop publishing. Goodbye Courier New and hand-drawn headings, hello whizzy computer graphics – and hello to the second editor, Julian Mander.

Here, then, is issue 8, published in Trinity Term 1992. There’s a contents listing back here. Thanks to those who have given permission and apologies to those I have not contacted. All opinions expressed are those of the authors in 1992, and they may not necessarily hold them now!

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