Police-Boxy Blues

Questions to which the answer is ‘Yes!’ – back cover, with vaguely seasonal modern colour replacement.

This somewhat Quixotic retrospective project, the digitization and upload of every issue of Tides of Time, comes to an end with the upload of issue 24 as a pdf. This issue was first published in June 1999 and was the only issue edited by Alastair Harrison. The late 1990s and early 2000s were a very creative time as a generation brought up on the cusp of the satellite era dug into Doctor Who and other archive television as well as considered the onward development of Doctor Who across non-television media. Issue 24 reminds me just how long South Park has been around as David Bickley considers what it takes to be an easily-eliminated Doctor Who character; just how confident one can be about what works and what doesn’t in novel series when one is churning out two essays a week (see Pass Notes: The Missing Adventures); and what, three years after its broadcast, the TV Movie taught fans about what the spirit of Doctor Who is and what would need to be kept in any revival (John Wilson’s Police-Boxy Blues). There’s fiction (my favourite being Alice Dryden’s Lawful Wedded Wife) and metafiction (David Bickley again with Work in Progress) and ponderings on other subjects including Queer as Folk (the impending Russell T Davies-led revival of Doctor Who sometimes seems inevitable with hindsight and frankly it frequently looked imminent at the time) and Blake’s 7. A contents list with more information was posted here some years ago.

As the caption says, Tides of Time will return, but in 2015. I hope to be able to host a pdf here. More details as they become available. In the meantime, enjoy the archive from the past twenty-four years.

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