Time Lord Victorious – The Dawn of the Kotturuh – Reviewed!

Time Lord Victorious

Image Credit: BBC (Fair Use)

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By John Salway

Name: The Dawn of the Kotturuh

Type: Short Story

Price: Free (though does involving giving your data to the Doctor Who Newsletter, so please add your own value depending on how valuable you think this data is)

Current TLV investment: £65.23

To get things started, let’s talk about the bizarre content delivery system that’s been used for The Dawn of the Kotturuh. To gain access to this short piece of fiction, you must first subscribe to the Doctor Who online mailing list. “Ah,” you’re probably thinking, “so the story is going to be sent via email!” Oh, good heavens, no! Instead, subscribers receive an email with a link to the piece, and are given an eminently guessable password (darktimes) to access it. As this password, and the link, have now been spread around the internet, I’m left wondering why they couldn’t simply have posted the story publicly on the website, in the traditional manner. Unless of course, the whole point is to cynically harvest reader’s email addresses so they can continue to advertise further, non-complimentary Time Lord Victorious content…

The Dawn of the Kotturuh is a short and simple piece, introducing the titular race, and demonstrating their modus operandi for judging species and applying their newly determined lifespans. And to be honest, that’s about as far as this one goes. It’s perfectly well-written and I enjoyed reading it, but it’s certainly not a standalone story, and I can’t imagine I’ll be returning to it in the future. I’ll also be interested to see if we get any similar scenes in the upcoming Time Lord Victorious novels, which feature the Kotturuh, as much of the same ground will undoubtedly need to be covered so readers who haven’t accessed this story can understand the species. In which case, won’t this whole exercise be rather pointless?

Slowly, but surely, we’re getting through the appetisers and amuse-bouche of Time Lord Victorious, but I find myself hungry for some real meaty content of substance. As we get closer to the release of the audio dramas and novels, I hope I find something there to suit my taste.


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