Time Lord Victorious – Comic Creator Pack #3 – Reviewed!

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-08 at 17.33.39

Image Credit: BBC (Fair Use)

Image Description: A slightly terrifying Eighth Doctor for the Comic Creator

By John Salway

Name: Comic Creator: Time Lord Victorious #3

Type: In-app Purchase

Price: £0.99

Current TLV investment: £121.90

I’m more than ‘appy to be back looking at some comic maker content (sorry) as we inspect the third of their Time Lord Victorious downloadable packs.

This time the characters included for you to pose in your own comics are the 8th Doctor, in his rough-and-ready redesign outfit from Night of the Doctor, and two more members of the Dalek Time Squad, this time the Scientist and Executioner. There are also a few spaceship props and backgrounds, including a Dalek saucer, so you can tell some exciting space adventures. It’s a good selection – the modern Eighth Doctor design fills a genuine gap in the Comic Maker’s line-up, and there’s a certain satisfaction to slowly filling a full squad of Daleks.

The included short comic story sees the Eighth Doctor already aboard a Dalek Saucer and working together with his greatest foes, (presumably tying into the upcoming audio adventure The Enemy of My Enemy) and tells a simple but fairly well-paced story about an abandoned spaceship. As always, don’t expect high art: I was particularly amused by both the slightly terrifying front cover which gives an extreme close-up of the Doctor, and by a page where all the panels are entirely pitch black due to a power cut aboard the Dalek saucer.

Once again, I think this content pack provides pretty good value for money, providing an amusing diversion for casual readers, and some choice assets for more serious comic creators. Roll on the fourth (and I believe final) pack!


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