Time Lord Victorious – Comic Creator Pack #5 – Reviewed!


Image Credit: BBC (Fair Use)

Image Description: The Eighth and Ninth Doctors in the Comic Creator

By John Salway

Name: Comic Creator: Time Lord Victorious #5

Type: In-app Purchase

Price: £0.99

Current TLV investment: £204.48

Ooh look! As previously predicted, just when I think I’m done, the Comic Creator app pulls me back in with another content pack. At this point, who’s to say which pack will be the final one? Perhaps it’ll never end, and Time Lord Victorious will expand forever onward in the form of slightly wonky looking digital comics, stretching out into infinity…

Ahem. Anyway, this fifth content pack delivers probably the worst character selection so far, giving us the repeat appearance of the Eighth and Ninth Doctors, who you’ll most likely have already gotten from previous packs, and finally the exciting Doctor Who debut of….Angela! A random human lady. Be still my beating heart!

Putting the snark aside for a moment, there is some logic to having a generic human character that you can put into your comics. They can be for whenever you need a bystander or minor character, and putting Martha or Victoria in that spot just won’t do. But it’s hardly the most exciting or attention grabbing choice, particularly when this is supposed to be a Time Lord Victorious pack and I’m 99% confident Angela will never be seen in any other TLV content. Furthermore, packaging her with two models that most Comic Creators will have already obtained just makes this content pack seem entirely skippable.

The accompanying comic isn’t anything to write home about either, which is disappointing considering it’s actually a multi-Doctor story! The Eighth and Ninth Doctors, who are hunting for the Time Lord Victorious in the Dark Times, stumble across an inventor from the future who has developed a time machine and accidentally transported her normal-looking 21st century house millions of years back in time. It’s a tale that doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny, considering that: a) inventor Angela appears to have developed her time machine in her empty living room, b) her time machine has taken her somewhere that even the TARDIS has struggled to get to, and c) she keeps phasing in and out of being a skeleton for no particularly good reason.

As always, my criticisms should be tempered with the knowledge that these packs are very cheap, and likely produced on a shoestring, but, even saying that, this has been a disappointing instalment in the series, failing even to produce a good laugh. One for completionists, or Angela fans, only.


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